Fourth Journey (MS 107/3/1-2)

10th January 1780


[10th January 1780]

't selfde weer en wind in den morgen deinsig

peilde van herelogementberg van zyl n: 3 gr w: doornrivier daar hy in oliphants riv: loopt n:o: t o. klip fontein of driegebroeders berg. een half myl in het z:z:w: koebe en maskamma n.o. t o. piketberg, by rietvaley z. 3 gr w. Juffer louw z 5 gr w. vertrok te paard na Juffer louw in de lange valey daar na vyf uur rydens arriveerde. drie tot Jakhals riv: n.b. een klein eiland 100 treden in zee by de mond vol vogels.


[10th January 1780]

The same weather and wind. Hazy in the morning.

Took bearings from the Herenlogements mountain. Van Zyl, north 3 degrees; west; Doorn River where it runs into the Oliphants River, north east by east; Klipfontein or Drie Gebroedersberg a half mile to the south south-west; Koebee and Maskamma north east to east; Piketberg at Rietvlei, south 3 degrees west; Mistress. Louw, south 5 degrees west.
Left by horse for Mistress. Louw in the Langevlei, and arrived after riding for five hours (three to the Jakkals River. N.B. A small island at the mouth 100 paces into the sea: full of birds.)