Third Journey (MS 107/2)

1st January 1779


[1st January 1779]
1 january 1779

regenbuien frisse weste wind. kout. term: 62 gr. ­ 63 - 60.
vertrok west op dese downas riv die brakkig en weinig water had af verscheide langsaame vlakke hoogtens over. tot, lieten na dien drie uren rydens toen door de riv en op onse linkerhand leggen quamen na 4 uren ryd: in grote vlakte gras hier begint het bokkeveld Sagen enige springbokken en vele kwaggaas. ook van daag hier en daar een struis. en enige kleine land schildpadden.
arriveerde na 7 uren rydens ossewagen: op de vee plaats van Losper, groenrivier zyn met een draay door het n:n:w: vandaag w z w in dit veld gekomen.


[1st January 1779]
1 January 1779

Rain showers. Fresh west wind. Cold. Thermometer: 62 degrees to 63 degrees to 60 degrees. Departed westwards down the Douwnes River which had little water, and that brackish, and then over several flat, slowly rising elevations until after three hours travel with the river lying on our left, we crossed it and came after hours to a large grassy plain. Here the Bokkeveld begins. We saw a few springbok and many quaggas. There were also ostriches here and there today and some small tortoises. We arrived at Losper’s stockfarm (Groenrivier) after a seven hours’ journey with the ox wagon. We reached this place today by going west south-west with a turn to the north north west