Fifth Journey (MS 107/4)

10th January 1786


[10th January 1786]

vertrok na Olivier, langs myn vorig pad dog vond Nodde by hottentots font: dood en de plaats niet bewoond, Olivier woonde een uur oostelyker als in 1779 sag vele struisen
vertrok myn vorig pad na manes scholts om de singuliere spitse salpeter berg nog eens regt te examineren.

10 weer z.o. dog weinig
s’avonds so als meest
altoos stil
term 79 ­ 86 ­ 80


[10th January 1786]

Departed for Olivier’s along my previous road. Found however that Nodde [Naudé] at Hottentotsfontein had died and that the farm uninhabited. Olivier is living an hour more to the east than he did in 1779. Saw many ostriches. Departed on my previous road to Manes Schultz in order to examine properly the strangely peaked saltpeter mountain once again..

10 Wind south-east again but light. As almost always, calm in the evening.
Thermometer: 79-86--80.